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The LGFF is the independent voice of local government on flooding matters and intends to give local councils a strong voice and a fair deal. 

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The next meeting of the LGFF will again be in London on Friday, 21 February 2014.  Following the recent flooding that continues to affect parts of the UK we have invited the Minister of State at Defra, Dan Rogerson MP, Anne McIntosh MP, Chair of the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Select Committee, Daniel Johns, Committee on Climate Change, Katherine Evans, Environment Agency and Max Tant, Kent County Council, which has been directly affected by the floods to discuss the impact of the recent flooding,  and what the response from Defra and the EA has, and will be, to flood defence.  Click here to book your place!

LGFF  meeting on 22 November 2013, London.  The ABI provided an upate on 'Flood Re' a scheme that aims to ensure households with a high risk flooding are still able to get home insurance.  Speakers from Kent and Bracknell Forest provided an update on  the national guidance for SUDs.  WSP gave an interesting presentation on how 3D modelling can better assist in understanding flooding and flood defence and they also presented an interesting idea of developing an App for a smartphone that uses GIS could be developed to assist in flood forecasting and prevention.  And we received updates from  Imperial College London on RainGain following October's local government conference in France and the Environment Agency provided an update on surface water mapping and other flood related matters.   Click here to download the slides! 

LGFF in Paris!   Local authorities from the LGFF attended the RainGain conference for local government in France on 23 October.  This was an interesting conference that saw partners from the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands attend. There was a lot of debate and discussion on how French local government in Val de Marne dealt with flood related matters, in particular , evacuation in advance of predicted flooding , and how this contrasted with UK local government.  For more information on the day's event click here.


June 2013: The LGFF met in Salford for the first time.  This was an interesting meeting which included speakers from Jon Hall, Chief Fire Officer of Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service, Cllr Derek Antrobus, Deputy Mayor of Salford, Charles Tucker, Chair of the National Flood Forum, Emma Thomson and Mark Garratt from the Environment Agency. Please click here to download slides.

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